Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Industry Insiders: Mona Sharf

Noted as one of the 10 PR Power Girls by StyleCaster, Mona Sharf is the Communications director at one of the greatest (but a label rather unattainable for college girls' budgets) brands, Theysken's Theory.  Before this gig though, she held the same role at Louis Vuitton (a fashion obsessee's dream!).

She stresses interning and hard work, and clearly she takes the advice she doles out, as she is super successful. If you want to check out more about her, click here to have a look at StyleCaster's mini-interview with her.

From photos online, such as the one pictured here, she likes to don black, which makes her super phenomenal in our eyes. Dressing in black seems pretty common for a career in PR, but Sharf really seems to do it right by adding touches of flair, most notably on the sleeve. *Sigh* if only we could have her inherent cool-ness.

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Also, a shout out to StyleCaster for the inspiration and info for this post.


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