Monday, April 23, 2012

Tackling the Interview Outfit

I've been absent from fashion blogging for a few months now, and I miss it a little. So I decided to showcase what I do best here...telling people how to dress. Kidding, kidding. But I do like to make the occasional suggestion. 

Prepping for interviews can be taxing. Brushing up on the facts of the company, prepping for questions that could be asked, building confidence. It's a lot. And then, there's the question of what to wear. 

When it comes to a field that doesn't necessarily stick to convention, like PR or editing and the other related fields, dressing for interviews can be tricky. These are fields where it's encouraged to showcase your personality, and where likely, you won't be in a stuffy suit every day. 

The question du jour is: how do you showcase your personality without forgoing professionalism for an interview? Well, my lovelies, don't fret, because I am here to give you the break down.

I don't imagine that a suit is what would be necessary each day for work in PR or its related fields. I do think, however, that a twist on the traditional suit is a great interview choice. Here, I've paired a boyfriend blazer, which is definitely more relaxed and a touch (okay, maybe more than a touch) more trendy than a regular suit jacket, with a pair of cropped black pants, which I lovelovelove. I left this set without a blouse or top because I think that tops can really be representative of a person's style. I'd personally chose something collared, but as long as it's modest, I think this can totally be left to personal preference. Black pumps, a kitten heel, or flats are the way to go for shoes, as they are simple. Being too flashy with shoes early on may not be the best bet. Finally, I've added a colored handbag for a bit of edge and visual interest. For spring and summer, mint is a HUGE color, and rightly so. It's super fresh and chic.

Here's what these pieces would look like... 

Now comes the question of makeup/hair. Makeup should be polished, but relatively neutral. A fresh face with blush should be all you need, with minimally lined eyes and some mascara. Lips should be a light, neutral color. A fresh, rosy pink would be a nice choice. Also, keeping your brows perfectly groomed is vital, as they frame your face. For hair, I think that as long as it's out of your face, you're set. It could be down, in a headband, or slicked back with this or any interview look. Make sure that your color/highlights look polished, as an unkempt appearance is going to be a poor projection. The only exception may be the ombre hair trend. This is still pretty cool and common, so you could probably get away with it. For nails, a neutral or pale pink is essential. Once you snag the job you can go as nail crazy as you want, especially if you're in a boutique firm that specializes in beauty brands. 

I hope this helped you! Remember to feel out your company, because some allow more of an informal, trendy way of dress for interviews. Good luck and be sure to leave some feedback on your interview essentials!

Your Under PRessure fashion and beauty guru,


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