Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Industry Insiders: Steve Glynn

A bi-weekly series profiling insiders in the fashion, beauty, sports, public relations and media industries (editors, PR girls, etc.) whose successes in the industry is beyond inspirational. 

Better known as Steve Dangle, this man is every sports fan's envy.

Dangle works with Real Sports, Nike and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC). He's covered events including the 2010 Winter Olympics and the World Junior Hockey Championship. He also interned and worked at Leafs TV.

Dangle rose to notoriety via the fame monster YouTube. In 2007, he began making video blogs about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Thanks to Toronto's legion of fans--Leafs Nation--and other hockey-diehards, Dangle's videos became a web sensation and were sometimes featured on the Maple Leafs' official website. Dangle's vlog series, Leafs Fan Reaction, is still running strong--he posts a video after each Leafs' game.

A popular feature of Dangle's videos is his alter ego, "Hat Guy." "Hat Guy" is that fan. Dangle's witty commentary and hyperactive personality also keep viewers coming back.

Dangle's career is something most people only dream of; a rise to fame via the web, intern with and work for your favorite hockey club, and then travel all over North America interviewing the biggest names and blogging about the biggest events in hockey.

Did I mention he's only 24?

Oh, he also owns a sword.

Clearly, passion and success can go hand-in-hand.

Keep up with Dangle on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

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