Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How-To: Get Through a Busy Week

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With the end of the school year comes plenty of things to do. For example:

Register for fall classes
Meet with internship coordinator
Apply for internships if you haven't already (and if you haven't, you should, SOON!)
Make any necessary appointments

Add all of these with your compounding load of coursework, readings, research, papers, jobs, and the ever dreadful final project, and there is seemingly no time to breathe let alone sleep!

How do you get through such times? I'll outline a small plan for you. Master these skills while you're in school and the whole PR world will be your oyster. Firms love people who can prioritize, organize, and multitask, and getting through weeks like these are perfect practice.

1. Prioritize your work: What's most pressing? What can you get away with NOT doing (this pertains readings for class, mostly, as many professors cover the readings in GREAT detail)?

2. Break huge papers and projects up: Yes, this little nugget of information is cliche. But it's said time and time again for a reason. It works.

3. Use small pockets of free time to your advantage: Little errands, such as making appointments, dropping off or filling out paperwork, and selecting classes can all be done in those awkward few minutes between classes where there isn't enough time to get any real studying done, but there is too much time to make the trek to class. You'll be surprised at how much more productive these moments can make your day.

4. Listen to your happy song: Listening to music that makes you happy can be a small, but welcome pick-me-up to any stressful day or week.

5. Use a planner: This should go without saying, but I know so many people who don't utilize this vital tool! Keeping track of everything you are working on and any important due dates is absolutely essential.

6. Disable your social networking outlets: No Facebook/Twitter/etc. = fewer distractions

These six simple steps should help you get everything on track to survive a busy week while yielding great results (without overdoing caffeine and losing sleep, might I add). Do you have any tips that help you get through the crazy end-of-the-semester weeks? Let us know!

Good luck, and stay positive!


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