Friday, March 23, 2012

"Build your own door or knock down a wall."

Take three minutes to watch this Start Something Big! webisode featuring Steve Dangle.

Dangle's quote reinforces a simple fact: there isn't a standard way to reach your career aspirations.

Last week, I conducted an informational interview with an employee for the organization I want to intern with and she was extremely insightful. She supplied plenty of pointers and possible leads for internship opportunities.

She, like Dangle, also had a non-traditional career path. She didn't go to college straight out of high school and she never had an internship.

Dangle, however, did have internships and did attend college right after high school, but his YouTube popularity--his wrench in the gears--catapulted him ahead of the competition and helped him gain internships.

So, always remember: if you can't get your foot in the door, "build your own door or knock down a wall."

Rock out, kiddies!
- Jasmine

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