Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking Risks With Writing

Last semester, I took the most amazing class. It might sound kind of awful and hopelessly boring upon hearing the name:

Writing Theory.

Yeah. I would be lying if I said I wasn't dreading this class at first. As time went on though, I fell in love. With hipster boys. And with writing. Again. Not that I didn't love writing before, but I didn't think about how many different effects it had on people and industries. There's mechanized writing and computer-intelligence based writing and is any of that even really writing? That's what we explored. And it was BEYOND amazing.

But there's one lesson I learned right away in that class. I had to be a risky writer. My teacher was not one to adhere to convention. I had to be out there. I had to write an informative essay and throw a poem in there just because by being in that class, I had writer's license. I had to be imaginative, to put things out of order so that they would be more ordered. I had to learn how to be me and translate it into typeface.

All of the sporadic craziness that you see as my "writing" on here has been influenced by that class.

So how does this relate to you, my future PR lovelies?

If something, anything about your writing doesn't stand out (and NO, having your stand-out feature be poor grammar or spelling does NOT count!!!), your press releases and proposals aren't going to be used or chosen. It makes you ineffective in getting your point across. The way you write is indicative of who you are, and is a building block to your brand.

I leave you with THREE main things (so professorial, like when they lecture and put a beyond large amount of emphasis on a number or phrase to signify its importance...hint, hint...)

1. Take your writing seriously,
2. Be whimsical when you can, and
3. Inject as much of your personality as possible without sacrificing your professionalism.

Good luck, and don't be afraid to get risky!



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