Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Industry Insiders: Kelly Cutrone

A bi-weekly series profiling insiders in the fashion, beauty, sports, public relations and media industries (editors, PR girls, etc.) whose successes in the industry is beyond inspirational. 

She's legendary. She's amazing. She has taken the world of fashion PR by storm.

Yes, my friends, she is THE Kelly Cutrone.

Photo Credit: Paper Mag

Found to be unsavory by some and seen as an honorary mother figure by others (and by others, of course, I mean me) due to the information extracted from her two amazing books If You Have to Cry, Go Outside and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You and Normal Gets You Nowhere, she is undoubtably one of the key players in the fashion PR industry.

Kelly Cutrone runs People's Revolution (an aptly named... please tell me you get it) PR firm with two locations--the principle location being, of course, in New York and a satelite location in LA--along with her former television show (which was cancelled a while back by BRAVO in order to make more trashy housewives shows, surely) Kell on Earth. Her newest endeavor will be as a judge on America's Next Top Model and that may just get me to watch the show again.

Her straightforward attitude, brash and caustic nature, along with her dedication to hard work is what makes her, her. Traits such as these are what prompted her nomination as Industry Insider. But, to be perfectly honest, can you think of another PR maven who is more recognized, FEARED, or revered as her? No? That's what I thought.

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