Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Call me Mrs. PR Girl

In honor of Valentine's Day, the holiday I love to hate (if you didn't already get that from the header of yesterday's top 10 list), a post about what may well be MY ONE TRUE LOVE: working toward my career. Whether or not you are as cynical about today as I am, I hope you enjoy this post!

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be that girl who is married to her career. I picked a field that will require tons of hours in the office beginning with my time as an intern. That's not a complaint in the slightest. I understand that in order to further my career, I will need to work tirelessly and as an editor or a PR girl, I'll need to spend a significant amount of time both learning the ropes and working--it's something I am not only willing to do, but something I want to do. I feel like that's the difference between me and some of the people I know. I feel like some people don't have the burning desire to be in the fields of editing or PR like I do. But I digress.

The point I'm trying to make is that I seem to close myself off to relationships because I feel like working toward my future and career are more important. That's my priority right now. Some people think that is a bit ridiculous and I'm forgoing fun and happiness to ensure that I'll have a job when I graduate. Maybe I am. Or maybe, just maybe, I genuinely like what I'm doing and I find the networking enjoyable.  I haven't felt that way about my course of study in a long time, but that's a story for another day. I don't think that I need to be spending all of my time nurturing a relationship right now. I made a point in my face time post that absolutely applies here. If I don't have the time, or if I am unwilling to give up what I'm doing to create "face time" for someone, I shouldn't have put myself in that relationship in the first place. It's simply unfair for the other party.

One day (hopefully at least) I'll be able to balance everything in a way that school/volunteering/career building activities won't be factors deterring me from pursuing a relationship. But for now, the reality is that I have to get further acquainted with myself and my goals and develop the willingness to make some face time. (Who would have known that that random dinner conversation would have been the fuel to so many of my posts here?)

Wishing you love and inspiration,


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