Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Accounts You Should Follow On Twitter

Since top 10 lists are kind of my thing and twitter is a super effective form of getting little bits of information across, I decided to do a post on some awesome PR-related handles. Here are 10 awesome accounts I suggest you follow, in honor of #FF (follow Friday, for my brilliants that didn't already figure that out):

1. @nycprgirls: they're amazing. Their tweets and blog posts and everything about them. Just follow. Please.

2.@publishPRgirl: she blends my two favorite worlds, publishing and PR. Brilliant. So. Brilliant.

3.@peoplesrev: It's Kelly Cutrone. Enough said.

4.@PRnews: keeps you up on the newest ish in PR.

5. @OscarPRGirl: she's hilarious and so informative. And anonymous. Love love love.

6.@dkny: see reasons I love @OscarPRGirl and realize it applies super well to DKNY PR Girl as well.

7.@PRbytheBook: another book-world related PR account. I'm a book nerd, I'll be the first one to admit it. (If you are too, you should click HERE and read this! It's kind of unrelated to this post, but nonetheless, PHENOMENAL)

8.@PitchEngine: helps you work on creating pitches and working on press releases.

9.@stefskinner : I was obsessed with her on Kell On Earth and I'm obsessed with her now.

10. @UndrPRssr: because you want to follow your favorite new blog. Or your favorite new bloggers @esabak and @jrgrotto. No shame in my self promotional game. Too cheesy? #sorryimnotsorry (see what I did there? With the hash tag? Don't hate. I know you love my awkward and quirky sense of humor. Deny it all you want.)

Yeah, it's a pretty fashion-oriented list. But in my defense, I'm a fashion lover; that's my thing. Know of any amazing PR-related accounts in other fields? Who would comprise your top 10 list? Let me know! There's nothing I love more than feedback--ok, that's false, maybe I love cookies, soy lattes, and Louboutins a bit more, but you get my point.



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