Monday, January 23, 2012

Where's the Imagination?

Have you ever taken a second to think about imagination? It’s not something that’s typically on my mind but in my free time I’ve been watching on demand movies on TV and one of them got me thinking. It was Where the Wild Things Are. This was my favorite book when I was four and it’s still an adorable story. 
It’s loaded with the inner workings of a child’s imagination. The main character creates an escape for himself from his family, from his life, from everything. Definitely not something you’d expect from a five year old boy. But he has such imagination. An adult needing an escape would take a nap or go on vacation or have a spa day. But a child, a child is phenomenal because he or she can create that escape in his/her mind without spending a dime. And not just any escape. They manage to think up something magical, something very detailed and equally as innocent. It’s really fantastic what they can do. 
Adults don’t really take out much time to imagine, it seems. Or maybe I just don’t try to do it enough. So I tried it out. I sat down and said, “I’m going to imagine up something awesome and it’s going to be fabulous and people will want to make kids’ books and movies about it!” And….nothing. Well, nothing useable. Flustered, I sat down to think about why it’s so simple for kids to imagine and then I had a revelation which I quickly documented on twitter so I wouldn’t lose the thought and so my family and friends could revel in my brilliance. Joking about that last part, but for real, I documented it on twitter. Here’s what I realized: whatever I imagine won’t be pure and innocent. It will be flawed—blemished by experiences and by reality. As you grow older, you become more rational (I hope!) and have more experiences. And by experiences, I mean pain, misfortune, tragedy. And that’s the ish that flaws the innocence and creative juices that spewed out of your childhood mind. 
The simple act of imagining is so wonderful and powerful. I genuinely miss having an imagination. There is such joy in being able to imagine like a child…someone so innocent, so pure, so UNCORRUPTED. 
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Wishing you imagination and success,


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