Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to My World

My name is Elise and I'm one of your bloggers here at Under PRessure. A bit more about myself...

I’ve been in college for two years now, and I can honestly say it’s been an interesting experience. Along with Jasmine, I’ll be chronicling my journey, how and why I am where I am, and how I got to studying what I’m studying. It’s been a crazy road full of ups and downs…and I’m really just getting started! I still have years (yes, years plural, unfortunately) left! 
Here’s a little look into my life:
The now: second year undergrad at Wayne State University in Detroit. I’m studying English, but taking communications classes to round myself out. I’m totally and completely done with science, and you’ll eventually find out why. I blog here and on my fashion blog in my spare time, and I firmly believe that writing and verbally communicating everyday is the key to success. Like they say (I mean, I don’t quite know who “they” are, but the advice is legit), practice makes perfect, and I like to practice writing—my mouth gets enough exercise every day. 
The goal: become an editor or PR girl, preferably in the fashion world, but I’ll take experience from anywhere I can get it. And to relocate from Detroit to New York or Chicago. 
The dream: to create a fashion and lifestyle magazine and then own the publishing company that publishes and distributes it. 

Hefty goals, I realize. But I'm passionate about what I do: I read, write, and study print and fashion spreads tirelessly. I want nothing more than to be successful. This isn't just about my journey, or Jasmine's journey, though. It's about YOU, as readers. I hope you'll be able to identify with our aspirations and see promise in us as emerging members of the industries we hope to break in to. 

Welcome to my journey. I can't wait to grow as a student and eventually as a professional with you.

Your Under PRessure fashion and beauty guru,


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