Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Industry Insiders: Dani Stahl and Beri Smither

This is the first post of a new bi-weekly series that will profile insiders in the fashion, beauty, sports, public relations and media industries (editors, PR girls, etc.) whose successes in the industry is beyond inspirational. 

I'm beyond obsessed with the show scouted.

No, I don't want to model (actually, if I were leggy, super skinny, and about a foot taller, I'd flirt with the idea), but I am super enthralled by the team of experts that help shape the prospective models into sign-able girls, particularly, stylist Dani Stahl and former model/model mentor Beri Smither.

Dani Stahl

Stahl, a graduate of NYU, went on to become an editorial assistant at Vogue and later style director at Nylon (according to her bio here). From what I see on the show, she has incredible taste in clothing and the most clear and honest opinions on how successful the models could become. There are times when I'm watching Scouted and shaking my head in frustration because the other experts see something where there isn't really much--but Stahl is generally on point. I also would die for most if not all of the clothing she wears on the show. She is a brilliant stylist. In short, I want to be her.

Beri Smither

It's mentioned on Scouted that Beri Smither spent time modeling, hence her position on the show as model mentor. She has done covers for magazines such as ELLE and Glamour and even Vogue (back in the days before the amazing but ice-cold Anna Wintour ushered in the idea of using celebrities as cover models). She gives advice to the prospective models in a way that keeps them relaxed and truly inspires them to amp up their energy and perform. That kind of inspirational energy is admirable and Smither epitomizes that. Even at age 40, she is stunning, and can even be caught posing or making model-esque movements during the meetings with prospective models. She seems to be the "mom" of the expert team.  A glamorous, genius, model mom.

Do you watch Scouted? Are these industry figures role models for your burgeoning career? Let me know!


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