Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Build Your Own Brand

Part of "making it" in any industry is creating a personal brand--a way in which you project yourself to others and especially future/prospective employers. Building your personal brand can be tricky, it's something we're still learning how to do ourselves. That being said, as we learn, we want to share with you. Look for posts labelled "Build Your Own Brand." These are posts specific to doing exactly that-- they're a guide, if you will. Stick with us so we can learn together, and be sure to let us know any tips you may have on projecting yourself and building the brand of "you."

Also, we are dedicating a page to this pursuit, and it will be filled with links to our posts and posts from other blogs with information on what works!

We hope this proves beyond helpful and helps you begin to mold your future!


Your Girls Under Pressure

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